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BISSELL CleanView Bagless: no power

My CleanView bagless vacuum does not have power. What should I check?

ANSWER:  CleanView Bagless models series are equipped with a Thermal Protector to prevent the motor from overheating. If the motor becomes too warm, the Thermal Protector will activate and the unit will shut off automatically. If this happens, turn the machine off and unplug it from the wall. The Thermal Protector will reset automatically in approximately 30 minutes. If it does not, please have your machine inspected at a local BISSELL Authorized Service Center.

Also, check to make sure the power cord is properly inserted into a functioning outlet. If it is, check the three filters and hose for dirt and debris. Reduced air-flow from dirty filters or clogs, will put greater stress on the motor, increasing the possibility for overheating.

The CleanView has 3 filters: the square pre-motor filter (located on the slide-out tray below the dirt canister), the round upper-tank filter (located in the upper-tank assembly), and the rectangular post-motor filter (located in the compartment on the side of the machine).

To check for possible clogs in the hose, remove the upholstery hose from the back of the machine. Insert a broom stick handle in one end of the hose, pushing any clog or debris through.

At the foot of the machine is a small curved hose. Release the screw holding this hose in place and remove any dirt.

If these suggestions do not solve the problem, please take your machine to a local BISSELL Authorized Service Center. To locate your nearest BISSELL Authorized Service Center, go to the BISSELL Homepage at: http://UK.BISSELL.com. Select the "Customer Service" tab at the top of the page and then select "Service Centers" from the drop down menu. Select your county.

You can also locate a Service Center by phone, by calling 0844 888 66 44.